How Professional Speakers Determine Fees?

Date: June 15, 2015 Author: Cathleen Fillmore Categories: News

How Professional Speakers Determine Fees?

Are your fees equal to the value you provide?  How do you decide?

"As an industry expert, I can quickly assess whether your fees match your topic, value proposition and promo material.

While most speakers under- rather than over-value, one speaker claimed to command $20,000 per speech yet sent me 50 slides in response to a request for promotional material!"

Here are some tips:

It signals you as an amateur if your fees depend on how many people are attending or how long you're required to speak.

Anything under $1500 is not really considered a 'paid' speaking engagement so only do those low level engagements to build your client list and testimonials.

Once you have a solid track record and return engagements booked, raise your fee to $5,000 and have professional materials and website to reflect that professional rate.

From there, continue to increase your rates once you've written a new book, are speaking to higher profile groups or have developed expertise that supports the higher fee.

A few years ago, $12,000 was considered tops for non-celebrity speaker but that has increased to a maximum of $15-18,000.  These speakers over-deliver and have impeccable credentials.

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