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Solomon, Michael

Solomon, Michael

Michael Solomon, a global consumer behavior expert, literally wrote the book on understanding consumers – his textbooks on consumer behavior, social media marketing, advertising and fashion are required reading in business schools around the world.

More info: Michael speaks at international conferences, sharing his insights into buying behavior and showing organizations how to take full advantage of trends. He once showed a Fortune 100 company how to access an entirely new market by simply tweaking their message and approach. He’s the secret weapon behind many winning market campaigns.

An expert on marketing to consumers of all ages, races and cultures, Michael works with organizations wanting to capture the minds, hearts and wallets of consumers in a constantly shifting market.

Keynotes: Earth Shaking Trends: What You Need to Know About Keeping your Consumers
A Moving Target – Consumer Behavior is a Moving Target

The Young and the Restless: Capture the hearts, minds and wallets of millennials.