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Gilroy, Malcolm

Gilroy, Malcolm

Malcolm Gilroy is a seasoned financial services executive who recently returned from Nigeria where he was originally sent as a Technical Advisor to the World Bank, mandated to review the financial landscape and advise the Nigerian Government on ways to rejuvenate their dormant bond market.

Malcolm Gilroy, a financial services executive, consultant and speaker, provides essential insight and advice to organizations that need on-the-ground insights into global economic trends from someone who’s been there!  Known as a straight shooter, Malcolm reads between the lines to tell leading organizations what’s REALLY going on around the world and how global current and upcoming events could affect their bottom line.  He talks about the golden opportunities that awaits those who are first to market as well as how to weigh the risks before jumping onboard.


Assessing Africa: The Risks and Rewards of Expanding into Africa

Future Trends: Solid Predictions for the New Global Economy

Hidden Opportunities and Risks in a Transparent World

Fee: $5,000.00

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