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Judelman , Vanessa

Judelman , Vanessa

As the President of Mosaic People Development, stand-out speaker and leadership guru, Vanessa Judelman has developed a solid reputation for knowing what it takes to inspire great results in the new world of work.  She is dedicated to developing great leaders and building collaborative teams and has inspired thousands of people.

Whether keynote speaking, facilitating a group discussion or training, Vanessa’s program have achieved dramatically successful change outcomes with organizations such as Motorola, Torstar Digital, Campbell’s Soup, the United Nations, Workopolis and Food Bank Canada.  She is also a guest lecturer in the MBA program at Ted Rogers School of Management. Her fresh perspective on the world of work will challenge the misperceptions and myths often found in today’s workplaces.  If you’re looking for a great speaker or facilitator that ensures you get the results you want, book Vanessa.

It’s pretty obvious that “old school” leadership is no longer working. A top down approach just doesn’t fly any more. People want their leaders to be authentic. People want their leaders to care about them. People want their leaders to help them to learn and grow. The bottom line is that people just want to be happy at work. Yes, it is that simple! 
Now, this sounds good in theory.  But in reality, leadership can be extremely challenging.  How can you, a swamped and often overworked leader find the time to give feedback, coach your team and connect with them in a meaningful way? How can you juggle everything on your plate and also create a great team culture that is engaging and productive? This is the golden question that I answer in my film called The Game Changer: A new kind of leader for the new world of work. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcJtLmxVKnM.
Please take a second to post your comments below. I’d love to hear what you think about my five recommended strategies.  Keep up the good work and happy leading! 

Fee: $3,500.00

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Beyond the Digital Divide: How the Next Generation is Transforming Work and Leadership

The Game Changer: A New Kind of Leader for the World of Work