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Hasan, Naeem

Hasan, Naeem

A retired diplomat and political analyst, Naeem Hasan is an expert on the Arab and Muslim world as well as the Indian subcontinent.  His vast experience as ambassador to the Middle East led to work in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon and Pakistan.  He was also ambassador in Sweden and Belgrade and Prague.

Currently living in Canada, Naeem Hasan holds a Master’s degree in Political Studies and an MPA and an MSC in Defense and Strategic Studies.  His advice is critical for organizations making business and political decisions involving the Arab World.  His in-depth knowledge and behind-the-scenes experience can help organizations sort through the risks and prospects of working or investing in the Middle East and gain a more profound understanding the differences in the Muslim culture in various countries.  If you need to go beyond the headlines and gain a deeper understanding of the Muslim world, book Naeem Hasan.  His straight talk will help your organization make critical decisions.


Arab Spring: Premise or Promise?

Culture and Crisis in the Muslim World

Fee: $8,000.00

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